iNOC provides complete customizable IT Infrastructure monitoring and management solution to our clients. Our high quality production networks and systems have the capability of fast detection and remediation of problems. We provide 24*7 support to keep your business running round the clock. The best practices of IT Service Management are deeply instilled in our processes and frameworks.

The key modules of iNOC - Remote Monitoring management, Automation, Security, Analytics and New Technology Transformation provide a comprehensive package that can be tailored according to client’s need. We ensure IT infrastructure availability based on your business requirements by providing a robust and scalable infrastructure support. Our highly skilled engineers collaborate seamlessly with your IT team and stakeholders to ensure timely communication and remediation of issues.

Case Study

Global IT Service Desk Operations for a leading Wireless Distributor

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“User interface to customize inbound email actions in ServiceNow.

Are you keeping up the newest releases and developments in ServiceNow ITSM tool? The reality of IT is looking into the future.. ".

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Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

    Our Infrastructure and Application Monitoring services provide End to end monitoring of all your IT infrastructure and Applications. We provide real time information on the IT assets and inventory. We provide active, proactive, performance and predictive Monitoring to keep you in complete control of your IT infrastructure.

  • Alerts Management

    We generate routine and customized alerts for IT infrastructure and applications. Communication of alerts, root cause analysis and its remediation is done by our seasoned iNOC engineers. Alert, log, event correlation & management provide complete alert management solution to our client.

  • Intelligent Reporting

    We offer fully customizable on-demand report creation abilities along with the periodical summary and detailed reports to keep the pulse of your IT infrastructure.


  • InfraOps

    IT infrastructure availability at a click of the button. We provide you the ability to scale up/down your IT infrastructure in a seamless and automated manner.

  • Custom Script Development

    Every organisation has its own set of unique infrastructure processes and our custom scripts automate these processes. Our customised scripts have saved up to 90% of manual effort for our clients.

  • Compliance & Audit

    We ensure the IT infrastructure complies with your organisational policies. This is achieved by enforcing security policies that your organization requires while adhering to the industry standards like PCI DSS etc., any change is tracked and notified to the relevant stakeholders automatically.

  • Configuration Management

    Our configuration management services automates configuration. We enforce a uniform configuration policy and have monitoring capability to detect and correct any changes in the configuration. This safeguards the systems against any vulnerability and also helps to make the system behave in a robust and predictable manner.


  • Security information and event management

    As a part of this module we do complete event, threats and vulnerability management. Monitoring the end users’ rights/access credentials for business critical data and appropriate version compatibility with vulnerability assessment for the software applications ensures the robust security of our client’s infrastructure. Advanced persistent threats, Insider threat, risk management and containment makes our offering a complete security management solution for our clients.

  • End Point Protection

    We do the complete management of the end point protection based on the client’s security policy. The policy based approach makes the endpoint devices comply with organization’s security objectives. End to end management of the anti-virus, anti- malware and anti-spyware applications keeps security threats at bay. .

  • Patch/Backup Management

    We ensure that our clients never have to be worried about the data integrity and availability when infrastructure and software updates are undertaken.

  • Continual Risk Assessment

    We continuously assess the risk of the systems and our security engineers are updated with the latest security threats and measures. We identify the gaps from continued analysis and report proactively to the relevant stakeholders. Our Client’s complete security and peace of mind is of paramount importance to us.


  • Predictive and Behavioural Analysis

    We extract and analyse your Infrastructure’s monitoring information to determine patterns and predict future outcomes. We also do a custom analysis depending on the nature of usage to mitigate risk and ensure availability of the IT infrastructure.

  • Application Infrastructure Analytics

    Your applications are critical to the business success of you and your customers. Our engineers do the complete analysis of the application monitoring data to prevent any unscheduled downtime.

  • Capacity Planning & Management

    Our capacity planning and management helps you optimize your infrastructure costs and help your IT infrastructure run lean.

New Technology Transformation

  • New Technology Advisory

    Technology is not a goal in itself, and initiatives need to be tightly linked to specific, measurable business goals and risks. We understand the strategic needs of your business, develop practical business solutions based on our deep insights and experience, and can bring change that produces results.

  • Proof of Concept

    We believe in backing our transformative promises with sample working solutions that demonstrates the value in a tangible way.

  • Continual Improvement

    Continual improvement is central to quality management. It is a permanent objective that we pursue at Aspire. With our transformative services at IT infrastructure services we consistently research and improve on monitoring methodology, techniques and tools.


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