Restaurants are flooded with tens of millions of transactions with only a summarized format captured for analysis. Critical pieces of information on day-to-day transactions are lost over a period of time. Aspire Systems taps into such lost data mining opportunities with an integrated system to capture, analyze information for efficient operations.


  • Optimizing your menu choices by meal popularity and time of day
  • Understanding customer preferences to create personalized offers
  • Making better staffing decisions and improve operation
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Big Data Analytics

Through 2015, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage- Gartner

Advantages of Aspire’s Big Data Restaurant Analytics Framework

  • Optimize Menu Choices: Mine data from various sources like POS, Social, Weather forecast, Customer Buying Patterns to create menu and adjust prices
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through personalized Menu, offers, promotions like early-bird specials, happy hour
  • Plan the optimal configuration of the restaurant by wait time, additional waiters, kitchen staff to maximize utilization

Advanced Analytics and Mobile BI

By 2015, over 50% of mobile BI users will rely exclusively on their mobile devices for insight delivery, and will grow BI users by 20%- Gartner

Features of Aspire’s Advanced Restaurant Analytics Framework

  • Management dashboards: An easy to use, visually rich, interactive and engaging UI provides for cost analysis (of food, beverages, labor), revenue by location to the top levels of management and other knowledge teams
  • Operational reports: A targeted delivery of specific KPIs to restaurant managers on the move like gross sales per seat and per square foot
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