Aspire has helped more than 50+ ISVs in building, optimizing and enhancing their SaaS applications. Aspire has preserved and transformed this experience and knowledge to a readily available SaaS Accelerator (PropelSaaS), practices and patterns which is utilized for any new SaaS engagement. The combination of these, have proven to cut down cost and effort at least by 30%.

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Aspire's accelerator PropelSaaS is an award winning SaaS framework that has more than 30+ modules, required by any multi-tenant SaaS application readily available. These modules address various NFRs and operational needs of any SaaS application. This cuts down the cost of SaaS enablement significantly. It's plug and play model allows it to be easily integrated to any of the existing SaaS applications as well. Following represents various modules offered by PropelSaaS


Aspire's SaaS COE consists of SaaS experts and Architects.Our SaaS experts are ardent speakers and bloggers in various renowned forums such as SaaS University, Eurocloud, Cloud connect, Interop. Members from COE are utilized on a need basis by the SaaS projects. The COE also publishes Training course contents and conducts sessions across the company on the subject matter of SaaS

Case Study

Scalable SaaS architecture supporting 5x the current volume with data processing rate of 5s

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Case Study

e-Procurement Automation Product suite converted to an On-demand model

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