Attention. Always.

Our corporate philosophy of "Attention. Always." signifies our objective to lavish care and attention on our customers and employees. This fundamental principle is our core DNA, which fosters a passionate environment to deliver high performance, better results and happier outcomes. Here are just a few ways by which we convert our philosophy into action on a day-to-day basis.

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Our actions are driven by our recognition that our Customers are the sole reason for our existence. Here are just a few ways by which we convert this recognition to action.

Advanced Technology Group
Our Technical Architects and Technical Managers together form the Advanced Technology Group (ATG). ATG's focus of attention and responsibility is on helping us, and hence our customers, stay on the leading edge of technology development at all times. Members from ATG participate actively in projects during particular phases and/or solve specific problems on demand. They also lead technical audits that ensure propagation of best practices across projects.
Technical Health Index
Our ATG audits projects on a regular basis to review and provide an independent opinion on the technical quality of projects and identify areas of improvement. This is our primary and practical mechanism to elevate the technical quality of our work across the board and propagate best practices. We believe our strong attention to technical quality of our work results in substantial value delivery to our customers.
Centers of Excellence
We create Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to focus our attention and bring value to customers on the big trends happening in the technology space. Our CoE initiatives are led by ATG team members and focus on Cloud/SaaS and Mobility.
Speciality Groups
We recognize that delivering technology projects successfully requires a diverse mix of skill-sets. Our Speciality Groups on Business Analysis, User Interface Design and Database Administration bring valuable skills to the project at the right time, ensuring complete attention and success.
Our Team
We focus substantial attention on developing and retaining great talent. As a knowledge firm where value to customers is delivered by teams of employees, our investment in our team has a direct and positive impact on our ability to add value to customers.

Our actions are driven by our recognition that our future is fully dependent on the quality of our people.

Our attention to learning and development is through T-24, a program that requires every Aspirian to take a minimum of 24 hours of training every year.
Our attention to the holistic development of our team and providing them wide exposure is through our program called iGain. Opportunities for mini-projects across the company in various areas such as Advanced Technology, Center of Excellence activities, marketing research, and contributing to our pre-sales process are shared in our intranet. Aspirians interested in any activity can contact the respective manager to play a role in that opportunity, hence enhancing their abilities outside the project and making a meaningful difference to the organization.
We send an email out to all Aspirians across the company every month to understand their experience on the job over the past month. Employees respond with Green, Amber or Red in the subject line, taking just a few seconds of their time. Their assigned HR Partner and any other relevant managers immediately discuss with anyone who has raised a Red and aim to resolve the issue proactively. This is one mechanism by which we pay attention to the pulse of our team on a constant basis.
HR Partner
Each Aspirian has an identified partner in HR who serves as a secondary point of contact, apart from their manager, for any discussion on career progression and other aspects.
Our attention to the society and world around us is through our PoleStar CSR initiative. Aspirians who form a part of PoleStar decide how to deploy CSR funding committed every month by Aspire. Any additional money raised for CSR activities from other Aspirians is also matched dollar-for-dollar by the company.
MindSpa is our counselling program that pays attention to the emotional well-being of our employees, anytime they feel the need to talk to a counsellor.
Oval Rings
Our attention to the physical well-being of Aspirians is addressed by Oval Rings. Oval Rings is our sports club composed of Aspirians who organise various indoor and outdoor sports activities. They take the effort to pull together games and activities that engage the Aspirians throughout the year.
Da Vinci
Our attention to the emotional well-being of Aspirians is addressed by Da Vinci. Da Vinci is our arts club composed of Aspirians skilled in music, dance, drama and other forms of entertainment. They take the effort to pull together shows that entertain the rest of us during festive occasions.

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