Retailors - Get most out of your existing Oracle ERP

Retailers have their hands full with fast paced competition and retail boom advanced by e-commerce and omni-channel offerings. Aspire brings in strong expertise that retailers need to implement, integrate and support their enterprise applications, thus providing cutting edge solutions to their retail operations and enhancing the effectiveness of their existing Oracle ERP.

With Oracle ERP as a best-in-class portfolio for enterprises and Aspire as an experienced partner, retailers can realize higher ROI in shorter project duration. For the mission critical projects, Aspire is an ideal choice with its deep understanding of Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud applications, Siebel CRM and Hyperion. Aspire with its experience in integration, implementation and support projects, can help Retail Enterprises can get most out of their existing IT investments.

Aspire has proficiency in integration of Oracle EBS/Cloud and Siebel CRM with retail systems, implementation of Oracle EBS/Cloud and Siebel CRM for retail needs and various support services. Aspire has implemented, optimized and restructured Oracle E-Business Suite solution for various retail clients and has helped them improve productivity and streamline processes. Aspire has designed strategies to provide its clients solutions around customer experience management, financials and human capital management. Aspire regularly collaborates with retail clients so that they capture new market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Enrich your Retail operations using Oracle ERP

Aspire’s implementation approach is based on Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM), is flexible and designed for superior business, growth & innovation.

Aspire provides its rich expertise in customizations as well as integration of various modules and is does so without compromising on time or cost.

Aspire’s support service offerings are aligned with organizations’ business needs and provide most effective application monitoring and maintenance services.

Integration of Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Retail Application


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