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Test Automation - Are Enterprises ready to bite the bullet?

A lot of changes has incurred in the fundamental process of Test Automation due to wide acceptance of Open Source tools and methodologies like Agile. This whitepaper talks about the actual challenges in implementing a successful Test Automation process. It give a glimpse of the 3Ws and 1H(Why, When, What & How) of automation and explains how the cost factor is just a myth. Eventually it talks about how Continuous Innovation with opensource tools together with a robust framework and business focused testing approach can lead to a successful test automation implementation.

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Jump start your product development with ‘Propel’

When developing new software products, engineering teams typically spend about 30% of their development time in building a scalable architecture and the plumbing layer of that architecture. As first-mover advantage is a critical differentiator for ISVs, attempts to reduce this 30% timeframe will give them a head-start. Propel is a solution that reduces the development time when building software products and enables high quality product development.

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Building successful Consumer Internet Applications

With the increased usage of consumer internet products, many a consumer internet innovation will move into the enterprise. Product companies that don’t incorporate relevant Web 2.0 features into their products run the risk of losing out to the competition. This paper discusses software built in the consumer internet space and addresses how technology and process innovations can be leveraged to develop better and faster software.

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Continuous Software Quality through Technical Health Index

Most organizations evaluate the status of their software development activities on a periodic basis to ensure successful project delivery. However, many of them take a macro-level approach for this evaluation (ie. Focus on processes) and neglect actual quality of the software (ie. quality of the design/code, adherence to good architecture/design principles & practices). This paper explains an Audit process followed in Aspire that computes the Technical Health Index of every project. It uses information from team members/project documentation/software code to identify and fix problems. When it is done on a month-on-month basis, it guarantees continuous software quality improvement

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Rapid web development with RoR

Major changes are taking place in the way software is being built today, and the timeframes in which it gets built. Ruby-on-Rails (RoR) is an open-source web development framework that supports rapid development, extensive collaboration and has a Web 2.0 focus. This paper discusses the merits and demerits of RoR as a platform of choice for building the next generation of new web applications and products.

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Offshore Software Development - An Overview

Who would have ever thought that developing nations like India, China and Philippines would turn out to be a gold mine for some of the world's largest economies? What started out as an experiment by outsourcing software development activities has become a first-rate practice worldwide.

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OPD Vendor Evaluation

Globalization, increasing competition and the need for fast time-to-market has driven many product companies to engage in an outsourcing relationship. If you are a software provider evaluating outsourced product development providers, this paper will serve as a guide for you.

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Platform Approach for BPOs

IDC sees a predicted compound annual growth rate of 11.2% in the BPO market, amounting to $29 billion by 2013. Platform BPO, it explained, will lead this growth, as it similarly positions itself as an ideal outsourcing model for SMBs for a nominal opex. In this paper we will look at how technology platforms can help BPOs to stay competitive at the same time be cost effective.

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