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Big Data NoSQL

This paper discusses the challenges associated in using traditional RDBMS for Big Data scenarios and selecting the right NoSQL database ideally suited for specific Big Data use cases

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Enterprise Search - A powerful tool for Social Enterprise Product

One of the striking products that has surfaced recently and has been a buzz-word in the IT industry for a while is the “Social Enterprise”

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Delivering Quality Software with Continuous Integration

This article discusses the approach and systems that make up the process called Continuous Integration. Are you looking to improve the quality of your software product or application your teams build?

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SMAC Platform – The need for ISV’s

The first decade of the 21st century saw the dot com revolution and the proliferation of internet. Accessibility to data and information from anywhere anytime was slowly becoming the burgeoning need – sleeker mobile devices and tablets powered with high speed internet and sufficiently large memory has substituted the bulkier laptops for many executives. A mobile app has almost become a must have offering for any business to go along with a native desktop or a web app. Social networking sites like facebook and twitter have immensely benefitted from the mobile revolution

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Migrating PL/SQL to Java Stored Procedure

This white paper gives insights on migrating PL/SQL to Java Stored Procedures. If you are a key IT decision and if you are looking towards migrating PL/SQL.

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Enterprise Mobility – Factors to be considered

Mobility remains the top priority for most of the enterprises as there is a need to enable mobile work force in order to increase their employee productivity. This article talks about the factors that an Enterprise has to consider while going mobile.

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NATIVE Vs HTML5 - How to make the right choice?

The process of choosing a development approach for a mobile application, namely Native or HTML5, entails many parameters, such as device functionality, security, performance timeframe, target audience and app functionality to name a few. Each approach carries inherent benefits and limitations, and finding the one that best addresses the enterprise’s needs could be a challenging task. The purpose of this white paper is not to identify the best development approach, as none exists, but rather to list the pros and cons each carries and to explain the important parameters that needs to be considered while choosing between the two.

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Why Should You Move Your Apps to 7 Platform?

IOS 7 is public now and it has been adopted by Apple customers at a staggering rate, with global iOS device penetration that recently surpassed 74% according to Apple. So what’s in store for you in this biggest technology refresh from Apple? Read on this research paper to know the key features in iOS 7, followed by the key strategies to migrate your apps to iOS 7 platforms.

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