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Building a Scalable and Profitable SaaS Product

With the increasing trend in on-demand consumption, SaaS business model has started becoming the de-facto standard for delivering software products. This whitepaper gives an insight on how to build a scalable and profitable SaaS product.

  • Challenges in SaaS Business Model
  • Understanding SaaS Life Cycle
  • SaaS Life Cycle Management Solutions
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Aspire Systems Oracle Accelerate Solutions for Growing Businesses

Sustainable growth is the most significant concern for mid-sized businesses. Consequently, mid-sized businesses focus on a variety of strategies such as improving operational efficiency, market expansion, diversification, account mining or geographical expansion. Yet, rapid growth can lead to critical resource limitations at times.
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Reality Check Payment Systems

Nearly 80% of the respondents reported that signature based debit card fraud was encountered with highest number of fraud attempts and losses...
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Stackup Analysis

Tolerance stack up provides a numerical answer to many questions such as:

  • If we change the assembly process, how will that change affect the variation between assembled components?
  • Will the pin fit within the hole?
  • What is the worst-case largest angle possible between these surfaces?
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Enriching UI with AngularJS

This paper discusses AngularJS for developing Rich Internet Application interacting with web services. AngularJS architecture allows crafting sophisticated and scalabke UI with great ease with its structured framework design and vast collections of UI widgets.
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Big Data NoSQL

This paper discusses the challenges associated in using traditional RDBMS for Big Data scenarios and selecting the right NoSQL database ideally suited for specific Big Data use cases

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Enterprise Search - A powerful tool for Social Enterprise Product

One of the striking products that has surfaced recently and has been a buzz-word in the IT industry for a while is the “Social Enterprise”

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Delivering Quality Software with Continuous Integration

This article discusses the approach and systems that make up the process called Continuous Integration. Are you looking to improve the quality of your software product or application your teams build?

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