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Unified Digital Application Management Platform: A key component in Digital Transformation

There is no further need to stress the way that enterprises need to experience a digital change to remain significant to their business. Many are in the process of this journey and many have already moved pretty much ahead.

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Microservices: Fundamental for the forward-looking “Fintech Fraternity

In recent times, the term Microservices has gained immense popularity. It has found advocates in big players like Amazon, Netflix and Fintech companies like Capital One, Lending Club to name a few.

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Best Practices in Multi-Device Testing for Retail Applications

Before the intervention of Retail applications the term Retailer referred to a physical point of sale, where customers would have to visit to buy products. The options available to customers were very limited, and there wasn’t much of a satisfied customer experience.

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Digital Age Architecture Modernization - A Business Accelerator

As colossal buildings are built on a solid foundation, so are software systems of great businesses built on a solid architecture. Most of the modern businesses rely on a software system in place to scale newer heights

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PSD2 and European Banking - Shifting Sands in Channel Growth

The European Union has been struggling with the different accounting standards and following specific regulations under the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and the Eurosystem.

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The guide to craft a smart CMS for Digital Insurers

As every insurer today knows, the rise of digitalization has meant that the volume of information is exploding like never before.

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Open Source Test Automation Tools Beat Licensed Ones

In the world of competitive business, software solution providers are keen to get new products and features to the market, well before their competitors.

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Retail industry is the most complex business model due to various influences. To be successful, any retail enterprise would confine to the below list of objectives

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