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SOA directly impacts an ISV’s Bottom-line

The higher the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a software product, the higher is the sales barrier for it. One of the factors that influences the TCO of a product and which is controllable is the complexity of architecture and design of the product in question. By adopting a Service-Oriented approach to your development efforts, you can positively influence your product and bottom-line.

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Software Usability – A primer

Usability is a key differentiating element of software today - whether we agree with it or not. There are many misconceptions about usability resulting in poor adaptability of usability design for a product. Also, usability should continually evolve in a product based on user feedback and it is necessary to test and measure it at every stage. This primer on usability engineering outlines simple and effective practices, tools and technology enablers for software usability.

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A CXO’s guide to Cloud Computing

If there is any trend that has created such a buzz in recent times, it has got be cloud computing. But does this mean that you should provide your software-plus-service from the cloud? Or should you tread with caution and wait for the market to stabilize? This paper attempts to provide Sanity-as-a-Service to ISV’s, Software-enabledbusinesses and Enterprises on cloud-enabling their software.

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Transition to SaaS

SaaS has become mainstream today and it is no more a buzzword. More and more customers have started realizing the benefits of SaaS model and feel comfortable, confident and secure to use SaaS based solutions. It now becomes imperative for ISVs having traditional, on-premise software to consider SaaS seriously. While transition to SaaS may make business sense from a long-term perspective, it is not an easy thing to do. Companies have to go through several significant changes organization-wide for achieving success when migrating to an on-demand model. This paper highlights the transition challenges, and solutions to overcome them.

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Outsourced Product Development - An overview

Outsourced Product Development is a rapidly emerging niche as more product companies consider outsourcing their product engineering work. By partnering with an OPD firm, Independent Software Vendors are able to pay more attention to market analysis, planning and marketing their products.

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Aspire's Approach to Test Automation

Automation has been seen as the long term solution for cost reduction of manual testing across the globe. A successfully implemented automation project will not only result in reduced costs but will also give several other advantages like enhanced quality, software stability, faster releases etc. At the same time, automation done without proper homework can be disastrous. It is very necessary to understand the scope of test automation, defining the business/technical goals of it, identifying the percentage of test cases which can be automated, getting the right set of tools & framework in place etc.

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Professional Services – The SharePoint Angle

Any professional services organization has a very high need for team collaboration and document management. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 and the more advanced Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, built on WSS 3.0, are versatile technologies that organizations of all sizes can use to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team productivity. They also provide a platform for building custom web-based business applications that scale easily.

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