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Future of Digital Media Content

The digital media content and the process of managing it are fast changing into a more business oriented and customer centric approach.

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Oracle Retail Xstore: Feature-Rich POS To Drive Omnichannel Growth

New retail POS solutions have been both a dream come true and nightmarish for the modern day retailer

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IoT is the game changer for Retailers.Think IoT!

We talk of the next big revolution of the internet world. It is Internet of Things aka IoT. What can be more intimidating when objects of daily usage start talking among themselves and give us intelligent insights? Means to improve productivity increases four-fold.

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Big Data Retail Journey - Scaling from Personalization to Individualization

According to IBM 90% of today’s data has been created in the last two years. The challenges of high volume, high velocity and variety of data have always been in the market.

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Insure your Digital Future with Big Data Analytics

According to the Coalition of Insurance Fraud nearly $80 billion in fraudulent claims are made annually in the United States

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Big Data Analytics to Bank on your Biggest Asset-Information

The extensive amount of data banking sector deals with on a day to day basis have amplified the need of big data analytics in banking

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Cloud Migration Methodology

Cloud has created an even field where the investment and size of the company no more matters. This whitepaper discusses the key considerations that have to be analyzed while deciding the cloud migration strategy.

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Open source Test Automation Tools for Mobile Applications

This paper discusses the various parameters to be considered while choosing a test automation tool/framework for automation. The paper also compares some of the leading mobile test automation tools from the open source world.

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