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Oracle Retail Insights Cloud product family is a planned retail-enterprise-level set of 5+ fully-integrated Oracle BI Applications

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How DevFarm helps align IT with Development team’s agility, speed and productivity

In the early 90s, the software development industry was plagued by what experts call the application development crisis- the development models used were causing severe lags in its way from design conceptualization to the actual software delivery.

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Augmenting Customer Lifecycle Management Through Analytics

Customer lifecycle refers to the various stages in the journey of the customer right from the curiosity derived through the marketing initiatives to the day he ceases any relationship with the product/service.

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The Connected Store’: Retail’s Emerging Reality

The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the retail industry, especially brick and mortar retailers. In the wake of the coming-of-age of millennials and the internet cannibalizing the physical stores, footfalls have been negatively impacted

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Microservices: Embracing the Unix mantra “Do one thing and do it well”

In recent times, the term Microservices has gained immense popularity. It has found advocates in big players like Amazon, Netflix, NGINX to name a few.

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Financing the future with Big data analytics

Insights from data and predictive analytics that made better business possible, reduced risks and gave the BFSI sector a contemporary turn towards data management.

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Multidimensional Framework for Digital Transformation

Are we opening our digital Accounts to leave the analog behind, or to bridge the digital divide and touch every stakeholder’s life!

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Digital Discovery Journey to Digital Alchemy

The journey of discovery begins with a digital footprint in the right direction, one step at a time-to foster and scale digital alchemy!

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