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Integrating Cognitive Services into your DevOps Strategy

Why do we need DevOps in our organization? Well we may have expert team in software development, Release management, QA and IT Operations. Is this really enough to deliver the product on time when we use traditional agile software development approaches alone?

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Modern Architectural Paradigm for Digitization

Technology has found its way into every aspect of our life making the world around us “smarter”. Software plays a driver role in creating the smartness for technology

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Top Omni-channel Challenges in Retail and its Single Platform Solution

Today’s customers are looking for seamless purchasing experiences and rapidly switching between retailers, judging them based on the overall performance but not limited to quick delivery of purchased product.

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Demand planning and Forecasting: Planning is gaining in SCM

Ever changing customer demands are volatile to deal with. When you can actually forecast it, it becomes infinitely more difficult.

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Point of Sale (POS) Testing

Testing Point-Of-Sale systems can be challenging for the QA team for various reasons. This paper discusses the testing challenges surrounding POS systems and how a comprehensive test strategy can be developed to help retailers in achieving their quality goals

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SaaS's Challenges and Techcello’s Scalable Solution

The rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a major end-user platform has transformed the way product companies operates across the globe.

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Smart Data Discovery in Retail: Smart People Sell More

A Smart data discovery model gives you actionable insights from real time data that helps maximize your returns on digital strategies

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Digital transformation and the Olympics technology squad

People have been playing Games without Technology. As the timer ticks, they’re now playing Games with Technology. Hang on, but ain’t it Technology that’s playing Games with People?

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