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Harnessing the power of Web 2.0 in online wine store

A complete online wine store that makes the experience of buying, selling and collecting wine effortless and enjoyable. From an extensive selection of fine wine to its online cellar management software, to collector (including on-site inventorying and full-service storage), the online store is an ultimate resource for both wine collectors and enthusiasts. Aspire helped them to enhance the system by introducing new design patterns using AJAX, and JSON, GUI and power of collaboration using Web 2.0 design principles and concepts. Major performance enhancements were made in the entire application.

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Personalization features for a Collaboration Platform using a Portal based approach

With Aspire’s help, the customer was developing an IP Management software. They wanted the softwares collaboration platform to have extensive personalization and security features. Aspire adopted a portal based approach to deliver on the requirements at both the customer and end-user level.

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A Producteering Approach to Modernization of an Educational Search Product

A leading provider of educational search software wanted to modernize their search products to accommodate growing business needs. Aspire took a Producteering approach to completely re-engineer their product, and brought in significant value addition on the technology and process fronts, as well as on their overall product development efforts.

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Product implementation of a Media Publishing System using Agile methodology

An industry-leading provider of digital media, needed to enhance their flagship product, which enables end-users to publish digital media anywhere - over any network - to any device. Aspire’s professional services team customized and enhanced their product, based on the end-users’  requirements using the customer’s Software Development Kit.

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