Cloud Consulting


Aspire's Cloud consulting expertise has a decade of experience in planning & executing Cloud Strategy that meets your business goals. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver:

  • Cloud Vision Strategy and its impact on business
  • Gap Analysis & Recommendation on the industry Best Practices
  • Quantitative analysis by determining ROI by our proprietary SMART ROI Calculator.
  • Recommendation on High-Medium-Low Impact Applications that can be moved to cloud

Cloud Transformation


Aspire’s Cloud Transformation objective is to help you achieve business growth through agility, innovation & enterprise class security.

  • Leverage Cloud Services To Automate & Improve Process Efficiency
  • Guarantee Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery To Achieve Higher Uptime
  • Deliver Scalable Solutions To Meet Continued Growth
  • Easy Access through Social & Mobile Services

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Cloud Engineering


Cloud Engineering Team at Aspire, has helped numerous companies build award-winning products that stay ahead in market:

  • Proprietary frameworks to develop products faster, better & cheaper
  • Adapt to rapidly emerging technologies to deliver higher value
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and improve user experience

Cloud Optimization


Cloud Optimization Services at Aspire, focuses on “How to do” rather than “What to do”.

  • Detailed analysis of opportunities to optimize resource consumption
  • Innovative Ideas to cut down operational cost
  • Free Up Scarce Resources for Strategic or High Value Activities

Cloud Management


Aspire’s Cloud Management Solution helps organizations move-up the value chain by delivering services that are operationally efficient:

  • Simplify Processes Through Innovation & Industry Best Practices
  • Reduce Operational Cost by Automation & Proactive Monitoring
  • Deliver Enterprise Class Security & Scalability To Meet Business Growth


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